Planned Obsolescence

Planned obsolescence is evil. It robs the greater part of the people of their things by consciously designing those things so they break well before the end of their useful life. And it is robbery. Theft. Its incredibly sad that people now expect their things to constantly break. The perfected form of planned obsolescence would be to have everything break as soon as it was taken out of the box, so that you were forced to turn right around an go buy another one, which itself would promptly break, and so on, until you run completely out of both money and debt, reducing you to abject poverty while making the rich even richer.

Private or Government

When comparing project costs, there is a difference that pops up that is universally glossed over in every handling that I’ve seen. In discussion comparing the cost of a hyperloop route and a high-speed rail route between San Francisco and Los Angeles , there is never a distinction made between hyperloop being privately funded and the high-speed rail being government funded, and there is indeed a very big difference between the two that comes down to accountability for using funds constructively and efficiently.