Hyperloop Criticisms

Because I think that the engineering problems facing hyperloop can all be overcome, I’m going to discuss several criticisms I found on the web and ways they can be overcome. I’m only going to look at serious criticisms and not hand-wavy “this couldn’t possibly work!” criticisms that can’t be answered anyways. After scanning a couple articles on the topic, they all seem to be from 2016 shortly after the white-paper was released and nothing of substance more recent.

Hyperloop 2

I came across another article today blasting the idea of hyperloop and doing so with terrible arguments. It was honestly painful to read. The article, if you can call it that, was written in a way that I can only call screaming at the reader, absolutely certain in itself that it was right. After getting past that, the article essentially came down to because high speed rail exists elsewhere in the world, that America should have only rail and get rid of as many cars as possible, and that Americans are either greedy, lazy, inefficient, or more likely, all three, because they don’t already have high speed rail, and that they should just fix that and be like the more enlightened Europeans and Asians with the electrified rail and dense cities.