Hyperloop Criticisms

Because I think that the engineering problems facing hyperloop can all be overcome, I’m going to discuss several criticisms I found on the web and ways they can be overcome. I’m only going to look at serious criticisms and not hand-wavy “this couldn’t possibly work!” criticisms that can’t be answered anyways. After scanning a couple articles on the topic, they all seem to be from 2016 shortly after the white-paper was released and nothing of substance more recent.

Renewable Methane Plant, Part 1

Continuing on the theme I started in my curtailment post, this is a detailed look at a renewable chemical plant centered around a Sabatier reactor, which converts CO2 and hydrogen into methane. The idea here is a floating plant fed with power from wind turbines and solar panels that produce methane that can be used to displace fossil methane from natural gas. Plant Overview The plant consists of four main units, the electrolysis unit that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen, a distillation unit that extracts pure water from seawater to feed to the electrolysis unit, an liquid amine-based direct air capture unit to extract CO2 from the air, and a Sabatier reactor that turns hydrogen and carbon dioxide into methane.