A Proposal for a New Unit for Measuring High Vacuum

I came across a post on Gab about making a vacuum wax (Faraday Wax) and got sidetracked looking into things high vacuum. I haven’t a clue why, but while looking at a paper on vacuum measurement, saw quantities everywhere expressed as power of ten (10^-5 torr) everywhere and was struck by how clumsy this is. I don’t have any practical experience with high vacuum, just the textbook knowledge I got in college and have pieced together from the internet, but I do have experience with a unit where something similar takes place if it weren’t used: the decibel.

Decibel Bel
100 dB 10,000,000,000
50 dB 100,000
0 dB 1
-20 dB 0.01
-50 dB 0.00001 (10^-5)
-100 dB 0.0000000001 (10^-10)

Applying the same to the unit for vacuum pressure (torr), we get:

Decitorr Torr Note
28.8 dT 760 torr Standard Atmospheric Pressure
-30.0 dT to -90 dT 10^-3 to 10^-9 torr High Vacuum range
-90 dT to -120 dT 10^-9 to 10^-12 torr Ultra High Vacuum range
< -120 dT < 10^-12 torr Extremely High Vacuum
-60 dT to -165.2 dT 10^-6 to 3x10^-17 torr Outer Space


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