Comments, Part 2

Looks like the bots have found my web site. I guess I should be grateful that the site is reachable from the other parts of the web and not just floating around in IPFS outer space.

I’ve started to get a number of comments that add absolutely nothing to this blog, and thus will never see the light of day. Before anyone yells “Censorship!”, I did say that the comments will be added manually, meaning that I have to take time out of my day to move the comments over to the site. Anything that isn’t worth even a few seconds of my time is going to the dustbin (rm -f $COMMENT).

This doesn’t mean that comments I don’t agree with will never get posted, they will. I won’t, however, publish personal attacks on people (myself or other people), rants that sound like they are from someone who escaped the insane asylum (complete lack of spelling or grammar ability, unable to form coherent thoughts), comments with gratuitous vulgarity, or that include illegal content (threats of violence, etc.)

On the plus side, that means you will never see spam in the comments section; I won’t allow it. On the down side, it may take a while for any comments you make to show up. Also, I will never post an email address without the permission of the comment poster. The email field is purely for my use, to allow me to get in contact with you at a later time.


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